Satin Sleeping Luxurious Eyemasks

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Benefits of Sleeping Masks :⁣

🌸 Improves sleep quality⁣

🌸 Fall asleep quicker⁣


🌸 Saves your life (sleeping in total darkness allows your body to secrete as much Melatonin as possible. When you don’t produce enough Melatonin, you increase the risk of deadly diseases).⁣ – A bit dramatic, we know 😂

🌸 Blocks out harmful light (sleep disruptors) ⁣

🌸 Reduces Depression – does wonders for your mental health⁣

🌸 Makes you more relaxed.

🌸 Improves your skin – fights signs of ageing ⁣.

🌸 Great for travelling – improves quality of sleep ⁣


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Pinkish Nude, Stone Grey, Black, Gun Metal


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