Silky Satin Scrunchies


Why do we use Satin Scrunchies?

  1. Besides looking gorgeous, it has great benefits for your hair.
  2.  They are proven to reduce split ends as it reduces friction and tension on your hair caused by hairbands.
  3.  They also reduce breakage, frizz and prevents hairband creases.
  4.  Its the perfect way to compliment your outfits without breaking the bank.
  5. Satin helps to retain moisture in the hair.
  6. Promotes healthier hair in the long run.

*Please note that the colours of satin scrunchies displayed on this website might have slight colour variations in reality.


Additional information

Pack Size

Single Satin Scrunchie, Pack of 3 Satin Scrunchies


Lilac, Rose Gold, Champagne, Snowflake Blue, Rust, Royal Blue, Midnight Edition (Champagne – Royal Blue – Lilac), Classy Trio ( Rust – Rose Gold – Snowflake Blue), Crowd Pleaser ( Rose Gold – Rust – Champagne)


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