Lanolab Multi Use Natural Balm


Lanolab is a multi-purpose skincare balm made with lanolin and papaya extract.

This nourishing formula works to soothe, hydrate and protect the skin.

This balm is a head-to-toe natural first aid essential, treating irritation, inflammation, dryness, chafing and more.

Lanolab has been locally formulated and is made in an ISO-approved facility.

The compact tube means you can take this natural skin soother with you everywhere you go.

Uses :

– Baby : Lanolab is perfect as a nipple cream or baby nappy rash cream.

– Cosmeceutical : The Balm is perfect for nourishing chapped lips, dry nails and cuticles from the harsh sanitizers.

– Soothes sunburnt skin

– Also used post waxing to soothe any redness.

– First Aid : you can use Lanolab for assisting with minor burns, cuts and grazes, minor skin irritations and mosquito bites.

– Sport : Chafing, Saddle Sores and Gravel Rash.

– Dry Skin : helps soothes skin irritation and inflammation. The Papaya extract is packed with Antioxidants, Vitamin A and C.

Available in a 25g tube.


Why we love it?

– Made in South Africa

– Made with purely natural ingredients – Lanolin and Papaya extract.

– Safe for use in breastfeeding and safe for baby’s delicate skin.

– A handbag essential. Compact and easy to carry around.

– We love all things multipurpose!

– Fragrance Free





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